Lemon Twist 60ML

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70VG/30PG 60ML flöskur

Pink Lemonade: Unlike anything you have vaped before- a zesty new take on a classic favorite. Freshly squeezed lemons with a tart strawberry syrup.  

Peach Blossom: Peach Blossom Lemonade E-Liquid by Lemon Twist is a sweet, crisp mix of ripe peach slices and lemonade for a refreshing summer blend.  

Strawberry Mason Lemonade:  A deliciously sweet and refreshing mix of strawberries and tart lemonade. 

Gold Coast Lemon Bar: A moist cake infused with lemons.

Watermelon Madness: The pure taste of refreshingly juicy watermelon. A sweet slice of fresh fruit flavor reminiscent of a summertime picnic. If you're a fan of refreshing vape juices, then you'll love Watermelon Madness from Melon Twist.   

Iced Pink Punch: Freshly squeezed lemons with a tart strawberry syrup and menthol 

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