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60PG / 40VG

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Fcukin' Munkey

The “cult favourite eliquid!” our call time favourite and best sellers. A sweet unique taste of Honeydew with a subtle blend of bubble gum, plus the cooling effect: PERFECTO!

Philippines Mango

The taste of real ripe mango with a mix of tropical fruits. Sweet and refreshing, with cooling effect. This will instantly be your ADV juice. Crazy Delicious!

Smashin' Lemonade

Experience the perfect blend of fresh Lemonade and Tangerine. It will definitely will leave you wanting more. Perfect for your All-Day-Vape. Zingy! A must-try from FF.


Indulge your taste buds with the wonderful combination of our unique Blackcurrant & Grapes, plus the cooling effect that will surely blow your mind.


Cheesecake is our latest addition to the Cream Series. Classic taste of the good ol’ cheesecake packed with intensely delicious taste of the graham crust that will melt in your throat! Dang!

Banana Ice Cream

Savor the brilliant taste of our Banana Ice Cream, with the perfect mixture of Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry, top with the creamy Vanilla Ice Cream taste + Fcukin’ Flava Secret Recipe. Double Delicious!

Cinnamon Roll

Perfectly handcrafted to give you the experience of freshly baked and gooey cinnamon rolls. This will be the best cinnamon rolls e-liquid you’ve ever tried!

Vanilla Tobacco

Well blended taste of Rich creamy Vanilla with a hint of pure Tobacco flavour, that is perfectly brewed for smokers to overcome the addiction of Tobacco.


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