Vape24 60ml

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2.490 kr
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Veldu tegund: | Cherry Tunes

Product Features:

  • 60ml bottle Contains 50ml Juice
  • Flavor: A sweet cherry taste
  • Mix Ratio: 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof cap
  • Tamper evident seal

Menthol - Cherry Tunes

Just like the sweet, this is strong and mentholy. Candy cherry contrasts well with the blast you get from the menthol and ice.

Menthol - Lemon Lime

Lemon & Lime e-liquid consists of two popular paired citrus fruit flavors that work extremely well together. On the inhale will be a subtle sweet zesty lemon with an exhale of fresh juicy Persian lime


Pineapple E-Liquids. Pineapples are a tropical fruit, grown from the plant of the same name. Cultivated in warmer climates they are found across the Philippines, Costa Rica and Brazil. Their taste is best described as sweet with a sharp edge, with a juicy texture.


Fizzy Cola eliquid by Vape 24 is a soda blend with a sweet taste. The sugary cola, with an underlying caramel, is present from inhale to exhale for an authentic-tasting eliquid.

Green Apple

Green Apple by Vape 24 is a crisp green apple flavored vape. The inhale is a fruity and tangy wave of green apples. The exhale is a sweet and crisp fully rounded apple flavor.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade eliquid by Vape 24 is a balanced combination of citrus and summer fruits with a fizzy kick. The lemonade flavour has sharp citrus notes, complemented by sweet berries and a tangy aftertaste.

Strawberry Grape

The inhale instantly offers up the mouthwatering taste of tangy and refreshing strawberries. The grape flavor then takes command and then intensifies, allowing your fruit cravings to be fulfilled. With every exhale, your sweet tooth will be in total bliss thanks to the sugary hard candy taste.

Neon Slush

Lemon, Lime
Lemon Tart, Buttery Pastry
Strawberry, Sweet

Menthol - Heizen 

One of the most delicious and fragrant menthol e-liquids available. The half-bodied mint flavor cools your throat as you take your first hit, leaving you with a sweet/tangy fruity overtone.

Cherry Watermelon

Cherry Watermelon eliquid by Vape 24 blends summer fruits for a flavour that plays between sweet and sharp. The dark notes of cherry on inhale interplay with the juicy taste of watermelon on exhale.

Blueraaz Lemonade

Blue Razz Lemonade Fizzy by Vape 24 – A juicy vape full of blueberries and raspberries with a blast of fizz.

Tutti Fruity

Tutti Fruity eliquid by Vape 24 is a candy sweet blend with strong hints of fruit. A fusion of tropical, berry, citrus and garden fruits creates a distinct medley with a sugary aftertaste for a layered eliquid.

Mix Fruit

It’s a dangerous e juice blend of tart apple & kiwi vape juice, with a fruit berry concoction that will take a bite outta your taste receptors!4

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit E-Juice. Dragon Fruit E-Juice is a delightful and refreshing vape juice with an unusual exotic flavor. Expect a mild fruity taste similar to a kiwi but with a subtle sweetness and nutty aftertaste.

Bubblegum Millonaire

Bubblegum e liquid by Vape 24 is a sweet, candy blend. … Due to the VG ratio, this ej uice is made for use in a vape starter kit or pod device, with a strong significance on flavor.

Forest Fruits

Forest Fruits by Vape 24 is a berry fruit medley, which plays between sweet and sour notes. A combination of blackberry, blueberry and cherry create a ripe-tasting and overall sweet flavour.


Blueberry eliquid by Vape 24 is a berry fruit blend. The taste of sweet yet tart blueberry is present from inhale to exhale creating a sharp yet balanced flavour.


Mojito eliquid by Vape 24 is inspired by the popular cocktail, blending a distinct mojito base with zesty notes of fresh tasting lime and a punchy mint flavour for a layered inhale and exhale alike....

Red A

Red Astaire eliquid by Vape 24 is a contrasting blend of sweet and sharp balanced flavours. On inhale a floral aniseed, sweet mixed berries and bitter grape is present before a cooling menthol and eucalyptus on aftertaste...

Pear Drops

Pear Drops by Vape 24 is a confectionary blend and a homage to the famed Pear Drop candy. The sweet, fruity flavour is consistent from inhale to exhale with a sugary base...

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Vape24 60ml

Verð áður
2.490 kr
2.490 kr
Verð áður

Veldu tegund:

Cherry Tunes